120 Negative Preservers

Our low-cost 120 negatives storage solutions at Get Smart Products includes negative storage sheets that are designed to fit in standard 3-ring binders and styles that you can hang inside file drawers. Both styles for storing and protecting your 120 format (61mm-wide) film negatives are photo-safe, acid-free and PVC-free.
We have versatile 120 negative preserver pages that can hold nine 120 negatives or eighteen 2.5"x3.5" wallet size prints or collector cards per page. Order in money-saving 100-count packs. Shop our negatives preservers pages designed to protect 120 mounted or un-mounted transparencies or your 2.5"x2.5" Instagram prints. Enjoy our bargain prices on archival negative holders on oversized pages for wide 3-ring binders that will hold 12 frames of 6x7cm 120 film negatives per page. Also shop our specially designed display boards for your 120 negatives at Pfile.com.

All Styles Containing:

  • B - Punched to fit in 3-ring binder
  • H - Can hang in file drawers