Collage Frames

Sometimes you only have room for one picture frame but have multiple photos that you'd like to display. A perfect solution for this problem is a collage picture frame from Get Smart Products. These frames are built to house anywhere from two to 15 of your precious photos. Whether you'd like to keep all of your favorite snaps from your latest vacation in one display together or you have multiple family photos to show, you'll love these collage photo frames.
The best part is that all of the frames from Get Smart Products are built to last. The quality materials used in their construction will protect your photos for a long time. These collage frames are also easy-to-use and very affordable. You'll even receive an extra discount on bulk orders.

Choose from variety of different collage picture frame styles. There are options that look like multiple smaller frames that have been attached to each other in mixed horizontal and vertical orientations. There are also large matted frames with multiple openings. Some are more uniform while others take an artistic approach. There are also frames built for photos of many different sizes. The most popular being classic photo print sizes such as 4" x 6" and 5" x 7".