Wood Picture Frames

There is hardly a more classic way to display your photos and art than a traditional wood picture frame. The styles, colors and sizes are virtually endless and they can make a great addition to your home décor and wall art. Shop the huge selection of wood picture frames from Get Smart Products to find high-quality frames at very affordable prices.
These frames come in a wide range of different sizes from small photo print sizes such as 4" x 6" and even smaller to large sizes such as 14" x 18" and up. Browse through the extensive collection of wooden picture frames from Get Smart Photos to find dozens of different styles and colors to match any taste and décor. There are very simple and traditional stained wood frames for those who want a classic look. There are shadowbox frames for three-dimensional displays. Craft picture frames are perfect for DIY enthusiasts who would like the opportunity to paint and decorate their own picture frames. There are also painted and gold and silver leaf wood frames and more. Each one is built with attractive durability and is easy to hang on the wall or display on a tabletop.