6x8 Photo Storage

Protect your 6"x8" photos with our versatile archival-quality 6x8 print protectors from Get Smart Products. Our clear peel-and-stick archival 6x8 print adhesive-back photo pockets can be added to the inside of your binder, album or scrapbook. The polypropylene construction means they won't become discolored over time.
The maximum insert size for our 6x8 photo sleeves is 6-1/4"x 8-3/4." This is a great size to protect and organize 6x8 photos, business cards, postcards and greeting card collections. Hobbyists and professionals turn to our affordably priced collections of photo protector sleeves to preserve their collectible trading cards, small art works, keepsake postcards and small documents. You will also find bargain prices on premium brands of photo binders, portfolios and photo/document storage boxes at Pfile.com. Enjoy added discounts on bulk-buy purchases and fast, low-cost shipping on all purchases. Our premium-quality leather portfolios are popular gifts.