Get Smart Products Privacy Policy

What is your privacy policy?

We respect your right to privacy and protecting your personal information is one of our highest priorities. We will never distribute, sell or rent any customer information to a third party. For more detailed info you can view our Terms Of Service.

Is your website secure?

Our web site uses the most advanced encryption and firewall protection:

  • The checkout and confirmation areas are secured using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology, ensuring that your credit card number and personal data are never sent over the Internet without encryption.
  • Your credit card information is stored on a secured server that is not connected to the Internet. Statistically, using your credit card online to make purchases on our web site is more secure than using it in a department store.
Why do I need to provide my email address when I check out?

The email address you provide during checkout is necessary because it is the fastest way for us to contact you if there is any problem with your order (e.g., an issue with your credit card, the item suddenly becomes back-ordered, etc.). We also use it to send you an automated email confirmation with your order details, along with an email containing your shipments tracking information once your order has been sent.

We may occasionally send promotional emails to our existing customers. If you do not wish to receive these promotional emails in the future, please click the link at the bottom of your email to opt out.

How do I log in or out?

Just click on the My Account link at the top of any page. There, you can log into your account by adding your email address and password or register for an account. If you're already logged in, you can log out using the link at the bottom of the list.