Slide Storage Guide

Whether you're an archivist or a photographer looking for top-of-the-line slide storage solutions, Get Smart Products has the products you're after. We offer 35-millimneter slide preservers, 120 slide preservers, slide storage pages, slide sleeves, slide storage boxes, slide viewers, slide mounts and much more. We even offer high-tech slide scanners that allow you to easily convert old negatives and slides into high-quality digital images that you can store digitally. Get low prices, fast shipping and volume discounts when you shop with us.
Get Smart Products can help you archive and assess old slides the smartest way possible. We have powerful loupes and lightboxes for in-depth slide viewing and assessment as well as practical slide mounts that let you view slides using almost all standard projectors and slide trays. All slide preservers, slide pages and slide sleeves are archival quality, photo-safe, acid-free and PVC-free. Some styles are designed to easily hang in file drawers so you can keep your slides well-organized and easy to access.

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