Print File Storage Pages

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For additional page sheet protectors see Memory Book Refill Pages or Pioneer Photo Album Refill Pages.

Why Preserve?

Photographic media and valuable documents are subject to scratches, curling, fingerprints, dust, atmospheric contaminants and chemical interaction with everything that touches them. The evidence of this is everywhere -- the faded photos in your family photo album, the yellow cracked pages in the old books from your childhood, the grungy photos and papers that have been tucked in your wallet for a while.

Why Print File Archival Preservers

Any photographic sleeve can protect against external damage, but what about protection against the sleeve itself? Inferior materials actually interact chemically with photographic emulsions, causing damage and deterioration over time.

Print File uses only the finest quality archival polypropylene and polyethylene for maximum protection of your delicate work. Print File's archival preservers are pH neutral, containing none of the plasticizers, catalysts or solvents found in vinyl. Data from independent laboratory tests detect no chlorine, sulfur or peroxide in the materials.

In addition, all Print File materials have passed the Photographic Activity Test (PAT) performed by the Image Permanence Institute at the Rochester Institute of Technology. This is a predictive test of interactions between storage enclosures and photographic images. This test is an ANSI (ANSI/NAPM IT9.16 - 1993) and ISO (ISO 10214 - 1992) Standard.

Your Many Choices With Print File Archival Supplies

Print File Archival Preservers are available for 3 ring binders as well as hanging file systems.

Negative Storage Pages are made of the highest quality archival polyethylene, with exclusive thin backing that allows you to make quality contact sheets without removing or handling the negatives. Continuous seams permit easy removal of materials. Negative Storage Pages are available in 35mm, 4x5, 120 and several other formats.

Heavyweight Slide Storage Pages are made of high clarity polypropylene and are available in 35mm and 120 sizes in binder and hanging formats. Extra Heavyweight Slide Pages are available in both clear and frosted formats.

Heavyweight Photo Storage Pages are made of high clarity polypropylene and come in ten sizes from 2½ " x 3½ " up to 16" x 20".

Print File Style Codes

AHas card stock header, folds for mailing
BPunched to fit standard 3 ring binder
C C-Series photo album pages (require C-Series Album)
CPHolds negatives + contact sheet
GOversized G-Series photo album pages (require G-Series Album)
HFit into hanging file drawers with SLB-1 hanger bars
HBCombines features of H and B above
MM-Series photo album pages (fit in M or S-Series Albums)
PCombines features of H and B above
SS-Series photo album pages (fit S-Series Album)
ULTHolds 35mm or 120 sleeved negatives