Specials & Closeouts

If it's on sale, special or closeout on Get Smart Products, you'll find it here in this section. We regularly put items on special, and this is the easiest way to browse those specials. Find deals on photo albums, scrapbooks and supplies, picture frames, presentation books, frame folders, photo storage, holiday items, page refills and other products on Get Smart Products.
Have you been eyeing a particular style frame? Maybe you have been waiting for a new photo album, but for just a few dollars less. Find marked down items we have put on special, or have low inventory and plan a closeout on the item. This may be your last chance to purchase this style. Once stock runs out on some of these items, they won't be reordered. Get Smart Products already has low prices, and here you will find prices even more discounted. Check back regularly to see what products we mark in specials and closeouts.