Scrabook Lettering & Stickers

A scrapbook isn't simply a photo album. A lot more goes into creating a scrapbook and the process really is all about the details. After you've decided on a theme, be it travel oriented or kid centered, the photographs and memorabilia come next. However, if you want to make your scrapbook truly special, it's the extras. That's where stickers, lettering and templates come in. They let even the most non-artistic person create a scrapbook that is wow worthy. At Get Smart Products, you will discover all the scrapbooking essentials that you need to make your scrapbook everything you desire. You'll love the selection that includes self-adhesive 3D letters. Imagine how those will really spice up a page, letting you add colorful and descriptive captions. The prices for scrapbooking supplies are also budget-friendly, allowing you to stock up on the stickers, lettering and templates that you need. If you've never scrapbooked before, don't worry. Get Smart Products also offers scrapbooking kits that will quickly have you on the road from novice scrapbooker to vet in no time at all.
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  • Pioneer Self-Adhesive 3-D Letters Item# K-3DL

    Pioneer Self-Adhesive 3-D Letters

    Item# K-3DL
    Personalize scrapbooking albums including memory scrapbook covers and pages with creative lettering.
    Price: $2.50
    Price: $2.50