Oval Picture Frames

Picture frames don't need to be square, or rectangular for that matter. The oval is a classic shape for a picture frame. While it is a traditional style, these days the oblong shape offers a fresh look for your framed photos. It goes well when alternated with rectangular frames as well.
The oval is most often recognized for the silhouettes that the frame used to hold. Cut-out shapes of family or other people, in days before photography became more common and accessible, was the norm. Now that photos are not only accessible, but taken almost daily, it's time to give the oval another look.

Many of the oval frames come in a range of sizes and materials, such as wood, metal or other material. Most frames are available in sizes that coordinate with common photo sizes, so you don't have to do any cutting to place your picture in the matted frame. Oval frames will come with either an easel back to help the frame stand upright on a desk or shelf, or hardware to hang the frame on a wall in portrait format. Frames come with a glass front to protect photos from fading or deteriorating over time.